Processing Fabric, hot selling style, Support customization, Various patterns, women’s and children’s dress


Processing Fabric, hot selling style, Support customization, Various patterns, women’s and children’s dress

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1.Printing pattern can be customized according to customers ,We can give samples to customers, our company will give you good service

2.Organza, mesh, satin, taffeta all can be printed processing ,a variety of patterns for customers to choose

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1.Digital printing is the most common printing processing method in the market. The advantages of digital printing lie in the high precision and large format fabric that can be printed, and the printing process is convenient and fast without plate making. Feel better, no screen printing glial feeling. Digital printing has incomparable advantages in technology, pure machine operation, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production.

2.The working principle of digital printing is to convert the existing pattern into a digital form through a scanner and input it into a computer, edit and process it through the counting machine printing color separation system, and then spray the special ink directly onto the textile by a computer-controlled micro-piezoelectric inkjet, and return the original pattern after mixing the colors.

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The printed fabric has developed from single-sided printing to double-sided printing and from monochrome to multi-color, and the variety of colors is also increasing. Printed door curtains, wall hangings, tablecloths, shoes and hats, bags, toys and other handicrafts have appeared. In particular, the printed prints of organzas have become a beautiful sight in the city.

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Strong point

Common organza components include 100%poly, 100%nylon and polyester with nylon, polyester with rayon, nylon and rayon interwoven. Through post-processing wrinkling, flocking, bronzing, coating, etc., more styles, a wider range of application. Organza is not only used for wedding dresses, but also for curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments, various ornaments bags, as well as ribbons.

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