Hot selling style,  Fabric processing , Flocking, Multi-planting fleece type is available, Fabric for women’s and children’s dresses


Hot selling style, Fabric processing , Flocking, Multi-planting fleece type is available, Fabric for women’s and children’s dresses

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1.The method of fixing short fibers (generally 0.03 to 0.5cm in length) vertically to the binder coated substrate is called flocking. The principle of flocking is to use the physical characteristics of charge repulsion and opposites attraction, so that the pile with negative charge, the need to flock the object in zero potential or ground conditions, the pile is attracted by the different potential by the plant body, vertical acceleration to the surface of the need to flock the object, because the plant body coated with adhesive, the pile is vertically stuck to the plant body.
2.We can do the fabric processing, a variety of patterns for customers to choose, on the organza, mesh , satin, taffeta.

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1.Flocking fabric, which takes all kinds of cloth as the base cloth, and plants nylon fluff or viscose fluff on the front, and then through baking and washing processing, the suede is plump, soft feel, bright color and chic style, and has won the favor of consumers.

2.This fabric is widely used, it is not only the ideal fabric for making winter women's suits, skirts, children's clothing, but also widely used in the field of home textiles, currently mainly used for sofa, cushion, cushion and other cloth. Made of clothing, can not only keep warm, but also add a few charming. Knitted flocking fabric can also be used to make scarves, it is heavy in the cold to keep warm, middle-aged and elderly women are happy to enjoy, although the amount of fabric used in each piece is lower than clothing, but the demand is wide, men, women and children enjoy everyone. In the future, with the improvement and update of flocking technology, flocking decorative cloth will certainly have great potential. It is expected that after the weather turns cold, the sales prospects of flocking fabrics are promising.


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Flocking features: strong three-dimensional sense, bright color, soft feel, luxurious and noble, gorgeous and warm, vivid image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation moisture-proof, non-shedding, friction resistance, smooth and no gap.
The surface of various product substrates can be flocking, and is not limited by the shape and size of the plant. Such as: paper, cloth, non-woven fabric, artificial leather, plastic, glass, metal, rubber, wood, sponge, gypsum board, wood-based board, blister sheet, foam, ceramics, resin and so on.

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