Export popular products, unique style, good visual effect, use for suits, performance costume


Export popular products, unique style, good visual effect, use for suits, performance costume

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1. Satin also called sardin. Mainly used for all kinds of women’s clothing, pajamas fabrics or underwear. The product is popular, good gloss drape, feel soft and silk effect. It can also use for handbags, bags, sleeping bags, tents, artificial flowers, shower curtains, tablecloths, chair covers and a variety of high-grade clothing material.
1. satin, also known as satin, has its unique style and good visual effect. The fabric has a wide range of uses, not only can make casual pants, sportswear, suits, and so on, but also used in bed. Clothes made of fabric are comfortable and popular.We can do the fabric  processing, a variety of patterns for customers to choose,on the organza, mesh , satin ,taffeta.

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1.It occupies a place in the fabric market with its advantages of lightness, smoothness, comfort and luster. This fabric can be dyed and printed. Not only can make leisure pajamas, nightgowns, but also is the ideal fabric for bedding, mattresses, bedspreads, etc.

2.Products are mainly sold to Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other coastal cities. According to the operator: the fabric with unique style charm, won the favor of foreign trade clothing manufacturers, mainly to accept export orders.

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What are the characteristics of U.S. net fabric?

Since the product came on the market, the sales prospect has been promising. The product design is relatively novel, the style of cloth is unique, has a better visual effect of satin flash, is one of the favored fabrics by consumers. Mainly used as casual pants, sportswear, and bedding material, the product is both dyed and printed.

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Strong point

At present, the satin fabric sold in the fabric market is mainly composed of polyester or polyester ammonia blend, so it also contains some excellent characteristics of polyester. The fabric has strong toughness and relatively wear-resistant, and it is not easy to wear, wash and damage after it is made into clothes.Because of the presence of spandex, the elasticity of tint fabric has been greatly improved, and clothes are not easy to shrink and deform after washing.

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