Organza, also known as Kogan yarn, also called Ou Huan yarn, Ou heel yarn. English name Organza, transparent or translucent texture of light yarn, more covered in satin or silk (Silk) above. French design wedding dresses mostly use Organza as the main raw material.

Plain, transparent, bright color after dyeing, light texture, similar to silk products, organza is very hard, as a kind of chemical fiber lining, fabric, not only for making wedding dresses, but also for making curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments, a variety of jewelry bags, can also be used to make ribbons.

Organza maintenance:

1. It is not advisable to soak organza clothing in cold water for too long, usually 5 to 10 minutes is better. The best choice of detergent is neutral washing powder, not machine wash, hand wash also tears even shame Hong should be gently rubbed to prevent fiber damage.
2. Organza fabric is acid-resistant and not alkali resistant. To maintain the bright color, you can drop a few drops of acetic acid in the water when washing, and then soak the clothes in the water for about ten minutes, and pick them up to dry, so as to maintain the color of the clothes.
3. It is best to dry with water, ice clean and dry in the shade, turn the clothes upside down to dry, not to be exposed to the sun to prevent the impact of fiber strength and color fastness.
4. Organza products should not be sprinkled with perfume, freshener, deodorant, etc., and do not use mothballs after storage, because organza products will absorb odor or cause discoloration.
5. In the closet is best to hang up with hangers, hangers do not use metal, to prevent rust pollution, if you need to stack up, should also be placed in the most prison key even the upper layer, so as to avoid long-term storage caused by pressure deformation, wrinkled.

Post time: May-12-2023