China’s Eugenics development process


China’s Eugenics development process

Domestic textile machinery from the 1970s began to explore in the field of CNC, such as the application of DC speed control, the promotion of PLC, etc.. It can be said that the CNC device is now ubiquitous on the textile machinery, although it is said that most of them are simply using PLC, inverter for logic control and simple motion curve control, but there are also a lot of products with certain technical content, such as the winding head and straight twisting machine of Eugen yarn, cotton spinning roving machine, automatic winding machine, weaving tufted carpet loom, computer knitting flat knitting machine, dyeing and finishing round screen printing machine, flat screen Printing machine, non-woven staple fiber carding machine, cross laying machine, etc.

In the development of China's CNC textile machinery, from the R & D investment power, many enterprises are using the cooperation with universities and colleges, research institutes, there are also many enterprises and foreign well-known control system suppliers to cooperate in the development, and really have the ability to self-developed control systems are not many enterprises.

In the past, the development of organza relied on the introduction of technology, cooperative production and digestion and absorption. Since entering the 21st century, Organza has been developing more and more cases of independent research and development, and has increased its efforts to develop control system hardware independently. However, these R&D achievements are often concentrated in the middle and low-end products that occupy more than 80% of the market share; and the remaining high-end products that account for 20% of the market share, we are involved in less.

Organza has quickly become a popular fabric in the world, occupying an important corner of the market. Its hazy and mysterious characteristics can better show the soft and beautiful body of women. This paper mainly analyzes the characteristics of organza, discusses the application of organza in fashion design, and provides theoretical reference and practical basis for the future fashion design.

Recently, Organza has risen to become a fashion designer's darling, appearing in everything from haute couture to ready-to-wear. Due to the characteristics of the material, organza was first used in the design and production of wedding dress, the domestic market limitations, a large number of fabrics imported from abroad, so that organza once became a synonym for high-end, high-priced clothing. With the development of economy and the development of the market, people's pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, and more and more kinds of organza are widely used in the production of wedding dress, home textile, packaging and so on. The variety of organza attracts people's attention, more and more technological changes also make people amazing, and more and more extensive design applications, so that it has directly jumped from the original auxiliary fabric to the main fabric, becoming the current fashion rookie.

Post time: May-12-2023